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2018 Start of the New Year Sale - ends Jan 31, 2018


Start 2018 on the right track. Get products that perform with big savings.

Bundle products and save up to 15%!
Purchase S3Rx performance kit + Injectors + MoMonitor : $4200. ($700 in savings)

V-MAF+ software upgrade at a 20% discount! 
Upgrade to Vitesse latest 951 MAF software: $395.
($100 in savings)
Gain performance, safety and reliability.
The V-MAF+ upgrade is available for any 951 MAF kit using the ChipBoard.
The base MAF or V-FLEX software can be upgraded.
We can configure the software for larger injectors at no additional cost.

To help you identify which system you have, please observe the followings:
The base MAF software did not use a MAP sensor.
The V-FLEX and V-MAF+ software used a MAP sensor . Refer to your original documentations to figure out if you have V-FLEX or V-MAF+. Or contact us for further instructions.
Please include the chipboard serial number from the back of the chipboard with your rquests.

You must send us your good working ChipBoard (once removed from the DME) so we can reconfigure it with the latest software. 

Please drop us an email for further instructions.

Vitesse offers the best products at a very competitive prices.

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announcements and please visit us often.