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VRT8xTM - Vitesse Tuner 8x

New for 2011

After years in research and development, we are proud to bring you the new Vitesse Tuning Tool, the VRT8xTM Piggyback system. The VRT8xTM offers unparalleled performance and a quantum leap of technical innovation. This is all possible with the latest 16 bit DSP processors, crammed full of features that you've never seen before.

In addition, the VRT8x
TM has multiple analog modification channels, as well as frequency and lambda modification. It can control boost PWM and has three bipolar ignition channels for one crank and two CAM signals.
The two direct injector drives can be used as a set point controls and can be mapped independently for fuel injection.

The mapping of all this is done via a high-speed USB port and the user friendly, state-of-the-art Tuning Software. All in all the VRT8x
TM is the best piggyback system on the market.

All piggyback units are reliant on the existing ECU to provide the fuel and ignition to the engine. For this reason they are bound by the limitations of the existing ECU. Fuel is typically modified by changing the load sensor or lambda sensor signal. Ignition is done by delaying or advancing the crank angle sensors signal. The piggyback unit tricks the ECU into thinking that it is running under different conditions thereby allowing for a different output.
The PiggyBack, has the ability to drive an extra injector which will allow more fuel to be added into the engine typically for turbo applications.

The VRT8xTM offers many great features:

  • 2 Maps to influence analog signals.
  • 1 Map to influence up to three ignition signals
  • Fuel and Ignition maps are multi dimensional. Control is based on RPM, Load or TPS, Engine Temp, Air Temp and Boost.
  • Fuel modifications across the entire range by a user defined percentage (%).
  • 2 Extra injector maps to drive two injectors
  • 1 Set point control with up to 3 outputs (relays). Combine multiple set point conditions with AND/OR operators.
  • 1 Frequency modification map
  • 1 AFR (Lambda) modification map wide/narrow.
  • 1 Boost control screen
  • Calibration of all inputs: Engine Temperature, Air Temperature, AMP (MAP) Sensor, Throttle Position, RPM, Ignition cut, Ignition retard.
  • Engine Protection via: Ignition cut, Ignition retard and Boost Retard
  • Data Logging and Playback
  • Real time data display with user selected gauges and graphs
  • Dual tuning maps, externally selectable or via the software. Automatic tuning map switch via software user set points
  • Password protected tuning maps

Practical applications with the VRT8x
TM Piggyback.
The VRT8xTM is a powerful and versatile piggyback computer. It offers the user the tools needed to perform all sort of tasks:

  • Ignition Retard or Ignition Cut to protect the engine. Control based on Engine Temp, Air Temp, Boost, RPM or other conditions such as Knock or external fault triggers.
  • Boost retard or cut to protect the engine. Control based on Engine Temp, Air Temp or other conditions such as Knock or an external fault triggers.
  • Set complex set point operations by combining multiple set points with AND/OR operators.
  • Alter O2 signal to affect the factory Closed Loop operation. Can be used for fuel efficiency, performance or when aggressive cams are in use
  • Water Injection Control via analog signal (MAF or MAP)
  • Intercooler Spray or Water Injection Activation
  • Shift Light Activation
  • Richen or Lean fuel mixture based on Air Temp, Engine Temp and Boost. Or across the board by a percentage (%).
  • Boost control based on RPM and Air Temp.

The PiggyBack was designed to allow you to tune ANY engine. Signals are modified on maps found within the units and with windows software. Installation and tuning is simple and once installed the engine can be retuned by anyone with a laptop and the tuning software. An average installation consists of connecting a few wires to the vehicles original wiring loom, changing the settings of the unit in the setup section of the tuning software and you are ready to retune the car. It has been found that an experienced installer can install an PiggyBack unit within 30 minutes.

Wiring diagrams
A wiring diagram will be supplied with each unit.

Software & Manuals
All software and manuals are provided with each unit. The PiggyBack software is Vitesse exclusive.

Tuning with the PiggyBack is very simple. The Windows based interface is intuitive. The PiggyBack allows you to perform Data Logging. The Log file can be E-mailed to Vitesse for assistance. We have tuned many cars from a remote location. You can playback your log file, which makes tuning that much easier. Ignition tuning is not recommended nor supported.
During the first 30 days after purchase, you get one half hour of free tuning support via e-mail.

New Applications
We are constantly working on new applications. Each PiggyBack unit supports various functions and applications.

VRT8xTM kit: $750

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VRT8x Piggyback and Wiring

VRT8x Gauges

VRT8x Analog Modification

VRT8x Boost Control

VRT8x Sensor Calibration

VRT8x SetPoint Control

VRT8x Engine Protection

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