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We now offer custom chips to match your engine requirements. We offer chips for the Air Flow Meter (AFM) and chips designed to work with the Mass Air Flow (MAF). We will be glad to customize chips to match your particular application and engine size. We support various MAFs, turbochargers and injector sizes. Race chips are also available.

Vitesse MAF chips are truly innovative. We rewrote the Motronic software to bring you semi-batch injection to provide crisp idle with large injectors, true Mass Air conversion (not signal massaging). Our MAF software offers dual fuel and ignition maps, externally selectable. You get the pump gas maps as well as the race gas maps.
The new chip/board hardware is capable of holding as much as 16 images (image is the equivalent to a chip) externally selectable. When we rewrote the Motronic software, we made sure we included safety, drivability and performance features that no one else ever offered.
Please check out the
FAQ page for additional details.

Our chips are designed to offer the largest area under the power curve, great drivability and excellent response. Ask any of our customers, they simply love our software. We introduced the chip/board, a product no other vendor offers.

Our chips are very flexible, we program the software based on your requirements. We recommend using the highest octane gas (USA 93 octane or 98 octane in Europe).


AFM Chip

Custom Chip Tuning

K26/6: $345

  Starting at: $895

K26/8: $345

K27/6: $495

  • Always use the FQS settings as provided with your chip.
  • We do not provide a KLR chip. When using the Vitesse DME chip You can use your existing KLR chip. You will need to bypass the cycling valve, and manage boost directly.


Vitesse Chips k26/8 16 psi DYNOJET

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Vitesse Chips AFM k26/6 15.5 psi DYNOJET

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