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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of the Vitesse MAF kits?
Your car, in stock form, came equipped with a Vane Air Meter (MAF) also called AFM. Since then, the technology has evolved. Newer high performance cars come equipped with a Mass Air Meter (MAF). There are many advantages to running a MAF instead of the VAF/AFM. A brief overview of both systems will help you make the correct decision.

The Factory Engine Control Module (DME) uses the VAF (or AFM) signal to calculate Load, Ignition and Fuel. The VAF same as the MAF generates a 0-5Vdc however this is were the commonality ends.

General advantages of a MAF vs. AFM/VAF:
- The MAF has no mechanical moving devices like the AFM
- MAF is much less restrictive than AFM.
- Stock AFM does not support hi-flow (kg/hr), once you reach a certain HP level, you max out the stock AFM. (You get max voltage). The stock 951 AFM flows in the 800-1000 kg/hr (or close to it), which limits its ability to support just 320 HP.
A well-calibrated MAF can flow in excess of 2500 kg/hr and can support 1000+hp.
- For more detailed comparison of VAF vs. MAF you can find many articles on the web, so I will not go into too much details.
- For a stock 951 engine with a K26, the MAF gives you better response quicker spool (wider area under the power curve). Once you start modifying your car or upgrade the turbo, the gains will be clear.
A well known 3.2L 951 in the UK gained approximately 60rwhp by switching to our MAF. Ask any of our customers, they all love our products.

Key features of the Vitesse MAF kit:
Our MAF kits are designed to be a plug and play setup. Each kit is designed for a specific engine configuration. All of our MAF sensors are calibrated to handle in excess of 700 hp, so if you increase your HP output, you will not have to replace the MAF sensor. The MAF sensor comes with the integrated Air Temp Sensor.

Each kit comes complete with a MAF sensor, the appropriate Software, 3” J-pipe, wiring harness, hoses, clamps and installation instructions.

For those wanting the performance of the MAF, yet want to retain the factory appearance, we offer the “
stealth” MAF kit. It replaces the stock AFM with a MAF in the same location. The Stealth kit comes with a MAF sensor, wiring harness, hose, clamp and adapter plate.

The Hardware:
Each Vitesse MAF kit is configured to provide you with years of trouble free and solid engine management solution.

Some the Vitesse MAF hardware key features:
- The Vitesse MAF kit comes complete with the MAF sensor, software on a chip/board and all associated items (hoses, clamps, air filter.)
- We use a custom calibrated MAF that can support lots of flow (measured in Kg/Hr) - Our MAF flows well over 2200 kg/hr -
(FYI - 500 kg/hr is approxximately 160 hp, 1000 kg/hr approximately 320 hp, 2000 kg/hr approx. 720 hp)
- The MAF sensor we selected can support in excess of 700 hp. As a customer, using our MAF means when you increase your engine’s performance or upgrade the K26 to a larger turbo you can still use our system. A MAF that flows low kg/hr will be maxed out (same as the AFM) and becomes useless for your performance application. 
- The MAF we use is very accurate, clean signal, reliable and very consistent between one sensor to the next. This translates into consistent engine performance and great drivability.
- Our MAF can be used in front or after the turbo, as a draw through or blow through system.
- We use a ChipBoard vs. an EPROM chip. This allows us to provide multiple images, when needed, (a image is the content of a chip) in a single device. Assume you have a 2.5L engine, but you plan to upgrade to a 3L in the future. You get 2 images on the chip/board one for 2.5L the other for 3L; select the one you want via a switch on the board.

The Software:
Vitesse software is the most advanced software you will find for your Motronic system. We actually rewrote the code to offer you many features not found elsewhere. We offer true MAF software, semi-sequential injection to support large injectors. Our MAF software comes with pump/race gas or pump/E85 maps (fuel and ignition), selectable externally. Drivability and performance are second to none.

Some of the Vitesse MAF software key features:
- The air mass is directly measured by the MAF, which is then interpreted correctly by the custom Vitesse MAF software in the DME. The factory AFM software does not understand Mass Air.
- Our MAF kit does not rely on external devices to convert the MAF signal to look like an AFM signal to be understood by the DME.
By using Air Mass in the software, we are no longer bound to the limits of the AFM and the original AFM software (which has many limitations as it was designed to work with the limited and restrictive AFM sensor).
 - By dealing directly with Air Mass (directly with MAF signal), you can alter boost, temp changes and your AFRs will stay rock solid. With our software the DME always gets the accurate information (MAF signal), it interprets it correctly and uses a correct unaltered signal for the calculation. Keep in mind, we are not mapping the MAF signal to look like an AFM signal, our software understands and works with unaltered MAF signal. When you use a hi-flowing MAF and try to map it to look like a low-flowing AFM signal, many compromises and short cuts must be taken. We don't convert the MAF signal to look like AFM signal; we interpret it correctly as Air Mass in the DME.
- Our software enables you to run large injectors (such as 120#) with clean idle. When using large injectors, at idle, you must reduce injector’s duty cycle to a low level where the injectors are no longer stable. In order to raise the duty cycle to where injector flow is stable, we run in semi-batch mode.
Normal batch injection with the stock DME software fires all injectors twice per cycle. Semi-batch fires the injectors once per cycle for twice as long allowing large injectors time to flow properly in low flow conditions such as idle and cruise. The Vitesse DME software automatically switches between the batch and semi-batch operation as necessary while the engine is running
- Our software allows you to select between 2 maps (say for pump gas or race gas). We also offer you 2 Rev Limits. All externally selectable on the fly.
- We are the first to incorporate a MAP sensor to allow the DME to capture actual boost. By rewriting the software, we are able to control fuel and ignition based on actual boost.

What is V-FLEX?
The V-FLEX software was released in 2008. It brings you features and functionality never heard of before. By adding a MAP sensor, and by rewriting the software, Vitesse was the first to introduce actual boost to the DME. This gave us the added ability to control ignition and fuel based on actual boost. A feature never done before on the 944/951. At the time, V-FLEX was an option.

What is V-MAF+?
The V-MAF+ is Vitesse latest software release. It incorporates all the features of V-FLEX, and it introduces many new ones. It brings you features and functionality never heard of before.
V-MAF+ is now the standard MAF software for the 951. For detailed features list, please visit the Vitesse MAF page.

The PiggyBack.
The Vitesse MAF kit gets you 95-98% on target. Since there are no 2 cars that are 100% identical (various boost and spool up characteristics, various cams, heads, exhaust, intake.) we program our software to get you close to ideal with emphasis on safety vs. all out performance. With modified cars, we recommend the PiggyBack to allow you to tailor it to your unique car allowing you to get the last few % out of it. Do you need the PiggyBack? NO!. Is it an optional great tool to have? Yes.

I hope you found the information I provided helpful when comparing various systems. Clearly we concentrated on flexibility, reliability and user friendliness. A real plug-and-drive system! A system you will not outgrow!

What makes the Vitesse Turbos so different?
We have been experimenting with various turbo technologies for over 20 years. Our customers love the turbos we provided them. When building a turbo we have the following goals in mind:

Reliability: this is a must. We use the best components available on the market. We modify the components to match our custom designs. We modify the internals for better oil management to handle the higher oil pressure. Every component is modified to achieve the desired goals.

Performance: The market is flooded with turbos. Selecting a laggy turbo that flows up top, but falls short in the mid-range is easy. The same for selecting a small turbo that falls short up top is also easy to do. Both turbos, large or small, will address a narrow RPM spectrum and will give you a small area under the power curve.
We, at Vitesse, did not settle for the “ok” turbo. We wanted to offer you a fast spooling turbo that is capable of supporting high horsepower. We succeeded! All of our turbos are fast spooling and can provide the flow to match your engine’s potential.

Drivability: I’m sure you heard the term “Off/On switch” when people refer to turbo cars. Basically you have no power “Off”, due to turbo lag. You sit and wait till the turbo comes to life and the power increase in a disruptive manner “On”. This makes the car very hard to handle!
After years of performance driving experience on the race track, we know that “Off/On” cars are difficult to handle, slower and not much fun to drive. We wanted a turbo with a
linear power delivery, a turbo that can be modulated, a turbo that makes the car feel like a big V8 with lots of torque everywhere.

Every Vitesse turbo offers you these important characteristics. We do not offer a “one size fits all” turbo. Each turbo is designed to match your requirements. It takes lots of work, and it costs more but the end results are well worth it. I’m sure you will agree when you try it.