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[911/964 Mass Air Flow]
911 MAF

Vitesse offers Mass Air Flow conversion for the 3.2L 911 (MY84-MY89) and the 3.6L 911/964 (MY89-MY94). For the 964 and 993 we also offer Visual Knock (V-Knock.)

We rewrote the code on the chip to provide a true MAF conversion. Our goal is to provide you with superb performance, reliability and drivability. For additional information on our MAF conversion, please visit the FAQ page.

Vitesse MAF kit for the 911 and the 964 comes as a complete hardware and software package. The kit includes a MAF sensor, air cleaner, wiring harness and our exclusive software on a chipboard. Everything you need for a complete plug and play setup.

If you want to upgrade your injectors, have a modified engine , a light weight flywheel (LWF) or a forced induction conversion, we can help.

Do you want a faster car, a more responsive car, a power increase across the RPM range, a car that does not stall because of a LWF, a car that does not run lean because you maxed out your injectors?
The Vitesse MAF kit is your answer!
The following dyno charts are a good indication of the power increase across the RPM range.

911 3.2L MAF kit:

$1995* **

964 3.6L MAF kit:


964 3.8L MAF Kit:

$2395* ***

Forced Induction Turbo or Supercharged: $TBD* **

Chip/Board Reflash: $695  (Requires a good working chip/board).

* Limited availability.
** Additional cost for larger or modified engines. Please ask for a quote.
*** 3.8L and Forced Induction kits require larger injectors and a PiggyBack.

1994 964 - Cat Bypass, Primary Bypass, Open Air Box. VAF vs. MAF tests performed on the same car, the same dyno, a few minutes apart

964 VAF vs. MAF

Vitesse Racing 911 Dyno DYNOJET