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MoMonitor Enthusiast

Back in 2004, we were the first to introduce a software and hardware kit that allows you to monitor and log the operational variables as processed by the DME. The original Motronic Monitor (MoMonitorTM) was designed for the professional tuner and shop owner to help them with diagnostic and tuning.
Many Vitesse customers and enthusiasts, requested something similar to the original MoMonitor
TM. We went back to the drawing board, and came with a great solution.

We are proud to introduce the new MoMonitor Enthusiast
TM version which is is based on our original MoMonitor

With the MoMonitor Enthusiast
TM version you can view and log the following operational variables as processed by the DME.

  • RPM
  • VAF/MAF Input Voltage
  • VAF/MAF Flow in KG/HR and SCFM
  • Engine Load
  • Ignition Timing * 
  • Throttle Position (Idle and Wide Open Throttle)
  • Injector Duty Cycle
  • Engine Load
  • VAF/MAF Air Temp
  • Water Temp
  • Intake Temp
  • Overboost **
  • Manifold Pressure ** 
  • Knock Indicator ***
  • Battery Voltage
  • A/C On/Off
  • Fuel Quality Switch (FQS) position
  • Impedance Adapter
  • Performance Plug
  • Calculated engine Horsepower and Torque
  • Calculated rear wheels Horsepower and Torque

With the MoMonitor EnthusiastTM you can view the various engine parameters live. You can data log, then review at a later time. When reviewing the data, you are able playback in normal, Fast Forward, or Frame by Frame mode. Both in forward or reverse order.

Diagnostic has never been easier. View the engine parameters on your screen. There is no need to measure each sensor with a multi-meter, saving you time and money. 

MoMonitor Enthusiast
TM can be used as a performance measuring tool. By examining some of the data, like the air flow and boost, you can determine how the changes you made affected your engine. Did the new cylinder head, cam, intercooler, throttle body, wastegate or exhaust system actually increase the engine performance? Compare the before and after data logs; higher air flow means better performance.

The MoMonitor Enthusiast
TM gets its data from the DME in the form of a serial data stream. The factory software does not have the data stream. We added the data serial stream to our software around 2004. If you have the ChipBoard with the latest software, or the software from years ago, the MoMonitor EnthusiastTM will work for you. 
MoMonitor Enthusiast
TM works only with Vitesse software with a ChipBoard.

Installation is simple, just connect two wires to the stock harness, connect it to your PC via USB port and you are up monitoring and logging... (PC is not needed to run car, just to monitor and data log).

Customers outside the USA please contact us for ordering instructions.

inside the USA please order online.

MoMonitor Enthusiast: $190 + S&H 

Select car type

Vitesse software with a ChipBoard are required.

The majority of the parameters are available in all software versions.
Some parameters are available only with the followings software:
*  V-MAF+



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