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Our goal has always been to offer you the best performing and most reliable turbo that bolts directly to your 951. We believe in innovation not imitation.

We do not offer a one size fits all turbo. Relying on our extensive experience, we build a turbo to match “your” performance requirements. 
Our solid track record and stellar performance is why enthusiasts and serious racers chose the Vitesse turbos.

Vitesse in proud to bring you the latest in Turbo technology. We are always looking to make a great product even better.

Most of our turbos can be ordered with the newly designed Billet Compressor Wheels.

The custom Billett Compressor Wheels are lighter, stronger and offer the latest in wheel design. This translates to better performance, better spoolup and improved reliability.

We didn’t stop at the compressor wheels. We addressed the turbo internals. We are using new bearing materials and innovative build techniques. 

The Vitesse Turbos are only available as part of the Vitesse performance packages. 


Vitesse Turbo


VR Turbo Billett Wheels