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951 Stealth Performance Package

We are excited to bring you yet another Vitesse innovative product. The 951 “stealth” turbo and engine management package.

As the name “stealth” indicates, the turbo is based on the K26/8 or K26/6 line of turbos for a identical look. However, this is where all the similarities end. The K26 stealth turbo outflows the base K26 turbo, providing air flow to support a substantial HP/TQ increase over the stock setup. The new Stealth turbos use a new Billet Compressor Wheel.

As part of the stealth package, you get the turbo, a DME chip and a PiggyBack. With the PiggyBack you can fine tune your setup, data log and control boost (even with the factory Cycling Valve).

The beauty of the system is the substantial performance increase with a factory stock like appearance. This will be the best way to reach a solid 300+rwhp with a great spoolup characteristics.

Racers love this system!


Turbo water and oil cooled, direct bolt-on, based on a stock K26/6 or K26/8.
We will use your existing turbo for the Stealth upgrade.

AFM Chip

Performance AFM Chip and a 3bar Fuel Pressure Regulator to match your configuration.

PiggyBack Kit

  • PiggyBack Computer
  • Wiring Harness
  • Bridging Plug
  • Com Cable
  • WIN software and manuals
  • Configuration data

Optional Items
sold separately

Visual Knock, V-Knock

Vitesse Turbo 



Vitesse Piggy Back Fuel Controller


Stealth kit #8: TBD
      #6: TBD

Vitesse Racing 2.5 liter Engine