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Stage 5Rx  Performance Package

Stage 5Rx has been designed for the 951 or 968 Turbo.
Stage 5Rx is for engine size 3.0L or larger. When using the Stage 5 performance package, you will get a fast spooling turbo, great response, yet capable of supporting high horsepower. The best you can get!
The new Stage 5Rx was redesigned to provide better performance and improved reliability. The Stage 5 turbo is available, as an option, with a new Billet Compressor Wheel.

Each kit comes complete with a Turbo, MAF kit, MAP sensor, the latest V-MAF+ software and a Piggyback.
All wiring and instructions are included.

Large injectors, 80lb or larger, and a 3bar Fuel Pressure Regulator must be used with the Stage 5Rx


  • Billet Comp Wheel
  • Water and oil cooled
  • Direct bolt-on
  • 3" Inlet, 2” Outlet
  • Water Pipe Adapter and Exhaust Studs included.


  • MAF sensor
  • Chip/Board with the latest boost based engine management V-MAF+ software
  • Software pre-configured to support: 91 - 93 octane, race gas and E85
  • MAP sensor
  • Wiring harness
  • 3" adapter
  • 3" hoses and clamps
  • Air Filter

PiggyBack Kit

  • PiggyBack Computer
  • Wiring Harness
  • Bridging Plug
  • Com Cable
  • WIN software and manuals
  • Configuration data

Required Items
sold separately

Optional Items
sold separately

Vitesse Turbo 

Stage V Dyno  DYNOJET

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Vitesse Mass Air Flow MAF

Vitesse Piggy Back Fuel Controller

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Vitesse Racing 3 liter Engine