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944/951/968 Performance Kits

Vitesse offers a variety of products, from the mild to the wild.

For the 944 normally aspirated cars we offer some unique items that will satisfy your demands for enhanced performance and reliability.

For the 944NA (1986 and newer) and
944S2 we offer the following items:

  • Performance Chip
  • PiggyBack system with fuel and ignition control.
  • MAF conversion Kit.

For the 951
, We have deigned our performance packages to work as a well integrated system. Our kits have passed extensive testing, yet very flexible. Of course, you can purchase the parts separately. But we strongly recommend you address your upgrade as a whole system. When you get a complete package/kit, you know that all the parts have been well integrated and tested as a system.
Also, in a package/kit form there is big savings.

For the 951, Vitesse offers 5
performance packages:

The 951
Stealth kit, Stage 2Rx, and 3Rx are designed for the 2.5L engine.
Stage 4Rx is designed for the 2.6-2.8L engine.
Stage 5Rx is designed for the 3.0L (or larger) engine.

All of the components in each kit have been well designed and integrated to work together. This will provide you a true turn key solution for your performance needs
Also for the 951, we offer various performance parts. All of the components are used in our kits. All of our parts are designed to provide unprecedented performance and reliability. To learn more about the various components we offer, please refer to 951 Performance Parts

Each performance kit includes tuning support. During the first 30 days, from the date of purchase, you receive one hour of phone support and free e-mail support.